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Go Team
Business Growth

Market Assessment and Strategy Creation

Let's have clarity and decide the direction

Objective view is essential on the present and expected future market conditions and the company’s position in the competition.

This is the base to create the strategic goals of the company for the next 3-5 years, as well as the strategic initiatives and necessary assets to achieve these goals.

Strategy Execution Management

Do not work for the drawers

Systematic execution of the chosen initiatives are needed to evade the drifting of the company. During the program, some of the strategic goals and initiatives might be modified through sound consideration due to the change of the market situation.

Business Project Management and 

Interim Management

Let’s get down to business

The new initiatives or new market introductions necessitate tight collaboration management of more company functions or even with 3rd party businesses. The objectivity and focus of an independent manager can significantly contribute to the successful business development and organization development.

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Clarify Market Position

Market Assessment and Business Fit Audit

Business Vision

to the Future


Strategic Plan

Preparation to Capital Raising

Business Due Diligence and Strategy Creation

Strategy in Operation

Structured Execution Management of Strategy

Commercial Fit to Business Goals

Sales&Marketing Strategy

New Segment or New Market Development

Business Development

Fit Business Operation to Strategy

Business Transformation

Get Business Operation from

A to B

Interim Management

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I spent my professional career primarily at multinational large and mid-sized companies of the ICT industry in the field of B2C and B2B business development. I always had the opportunity to deal with new service development and new market development, and I was responsible for comprehensive strategic planning of these activities as well.

After almost 20 years in corporate environment, I meant to utilize my knowledge and experience in other setups. I wished “the market to be my boss”, i.e. I wanted to create my own business. Besides, I also felt the need of development by spending more time and energy on strategic challenges beyond the frames of operative leadership and management.​

That was how I got strategy projects management tasks at my multinational employers and in my new professional career at the small and medium enterprises sector.

Strategic business development is not a “lone-gunman” job for me but a cooperation with my Partners in which together we can think and act for the sake of the future growth of their business.


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Please honour me with your confidence and contact me for a preliminary conversation.

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Teva Hungary (Pharma Branch)

Sales Strategy

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